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"The Fusion content management system is easy to use, and when occasional assistance has been required it has been provided promptly and efficiently. We look forward to working with Strike Designs in the future as our business and website evolves."

- John Ord, MD, Dynamic Energy Products Ltd

Tailored to suit you

Fusion isn't a bespoke CMS. Version 4.0 is in use on fifty or so websites but appears different for every client as each instance is tailored to meet their exact requirements. This means that, unlike most commercial CMSs and open source systems it's not laden with unused and irrelevant functionality. This 'one size fits all approach' makes these types of CMSs difficult to learn and a lengthy process to add content.

Being completely tailored means that Fusion is built around your designs / site functionality and layout and not the other way around. With some CMSs there are a finite number of templates / content types which is both limiting and makes each site appear as a duplicate.


Open Source CMSs have very obvious security issues because all of the source code can be downloaded and inspected by anybody. Details of security holes are then published, either with good intention so that a fix can be made, or with malicious intention. Once these details are made available all sites using the Open Source software become vulnerable and the security holes can be exploited by somebody with little or no programming knowledge. It then becomes a routine job of the site owner to apply security patches to their Open Source content management systems as the details of the security holes remain in the public domain.

Distributed infrastructure

You know the one about putting all of your eggs in one basket? With some content management systems the login area for all sites is hosted in a single location so all website owners login to this one area. The problem with this is that you are then tied in to that one server hosted by the one company. if the server crashes or the software goes wrong all of the site owners cannot login. This also means that if the company goes bust it becomes impossible for them to split the sites down individually and host them elsewhere so it will more than likely mean that if our competitors go bust the site will disappear or the CMS will become inaccessible.

With Fusion each site is created with its own instance of the CMS. This means that we can take any site and host it on any server Whilst we prefer, and encourage our clients to host their sites with us (it's easier and better for the both of us) we can host the site on their servers or even a simple shared hosting account. Because our sites are an instance of Fusion there's no danger that an automatic or manual update will cause the corresponding sites to come crashing down.

No ongoing payment

With Fusion there's no ongoing payment and so no worry about being 'cut-off'

Video walkthrough

Watch Joe as he walks through how quick and easy it is adding a page to your site using the Fusion Content Management System
Joe demonstrates adding a page to your new site using the Fusion CMS
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Elegantly Simple Power ®

Elegantly simple power: The Fusion Site Management System

Make it incredibly easy for you and your staff to manage your site

The Fusion Site Management System
With no ongoing payment it's the perfect solution for the SME

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