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Elegantly simple power
Easy to use, powerful and tailored content management

"The Fusion content management system gives me complete control of the content and is extremely easy to use."

- David Osrin, MD, Music Makers Ltd.

The Fusion CMS allows you to manage and design all content within your website. This is all done on-line, quickly, easily, and with no specialist software. Your website can be updated by your staff as fast as your business moves.

Once your staff have securely logged in they can then add, edit, manage and remove all content on your site, upload and manage documents and images and produce and export reports.

Uncomplicated content management

We know that not everybody has Bill Gates' level of expertise so we've designed Fusion from the ground up with two core goals:
  1. To make it as easy as possible for your staff
  2. To provide a rich functionality set to give you and your staff everything you need to drive your on-line presence.

Powerful design features

The Fusion Content Management Systems provides one of the most powerful on-line page design systems that is as easy, if not easier, to use than Microsoft Word.

Some of the many features include:

Full range of wizards
A full range of wizards, which allow you to insert content such as images, tables, documents, text-areas, email and Internet links, video, audio and Flash animations. Each wizard contains a set of easy to understand stages that when used by your staff provide all the formatting options you would ever require.

Inline edit mode
Edit and review your web page directly as it appears within your website. This obviates the need to switch between the CMS and the front page and allows you to see the actual changes as they go in.

Full range of text editing facilities
The full range of editing facilities are supported including bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, indent, bullet points, lists. This makes it extremely simple to edit text.

Full auditing facilities
Full auditing facilities are saved when adding, editing or reviewing content so you know exactly who has done what and when and you can roll back to a previous revision of all content.

Comprehensive help and tutorial system
A full range of help and tutorials are available right when you need them. Want to know how to get your company's latest performance chart from an Excel spreadsheet onto your website? Simply follow the steps within the tutorial.

Can't find an answer to your problem?
Send an email directly from the system to the support desk at Strike Designs. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours with an answer, alternatively you could simply ring us!

Video walkthrough

Watch Joe as he walks through how quick and easy it is adding a page to your site using the Fusion Content Management System
Joe demonstrates adding a page to your site using the Fusion CMS
See Fusion video walkthrough

You can also follow these simple steps to add a page to your site with Fusion. Download PDF. See why you need Fusion. You need Adobe Reader to view this file which can be downloaded here
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Elegantly Simple Power ®

Elegantly simple power: The Fusion Site Management System

Make it incredibly easy for you and your staff to manage your site

The Fusion Site Management System
With no ongoing payment it's the perfect solution for the SME

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